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With the following episodes...

'Shape Up With Shaun'

Shirley The Sheep has put on even more weight than usual, so Shaun decides to help her get in shape with a rigorous exercise regime.


The flock refuse to have a wash in the freezing sheep dip, so Shaun goes on a commando raid to hi-jack the hot water from the Farmer's bath tub.


Bitzer falls in love with a she-dog from the local camp site. But when the flock create havoc in the farmhouse, Shaun has to get the sheepdog's mind back on his job.

'Take Away'

The tempting aroma of the Farmer's takeaway inspires Shaun and his pals to go on a mission to the local pizzeria, disguised as a human.

'Still Life'

The Farmer takes up oil painting and is determined to paint a masterpiece. But when his back is turned, Shaun co. decide to have a go.


Shaun's attempts to get his hands on some apples from a tree overhanging the Naughty Pigs' yard soon escalates into all-out war between sheep and pigs.

'Little Sheep Of Horrors'

Intrigued by a horror film on TV, Timmy wanders into the farmhouse late one night. Shaun's rescue mission convinces the Farmer that the place is haunted.

'The Kite'

The flock think they're in for fun when a kite blows into their field. But it gets stuck in a tree, so it's up to Shaun to find a way to get it down.

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With the following episodes...

'Off The Baa!'

When a cabbage bounces into the field from a passing truck, Shaun decides to use it as a football. But the Naughty Pigs are out to spoil the sheep's game.

'Timmy In A Tizzy'

When the Farmer takes Timmy's favourite sheep-dolly, the little lamb won't stop crying. So Shaun rallies the flock to get it back from Pidsley, the farm cat!

'Buzz Off Bees'

The sheep discover a mysterious buzzing object in their field. Shaun investigates and finds it's full of bees, who make the flock's life a misery.

'Things That Go Bump'

One dark and stormy night the flock are unable to sleep. Shaun investigates a series of sinister events only to discover who is really scaring the sheep.

'Mower Mouth'

A pesky goat is tethered in the sheep's field, and threatens to eat all their grass. When it breaks free, Shaun is taken on a ski-ing trip all round the farm.


The Farmer decides it's time to give the flock a shearing. But when they see his first attempt, Shaun and co. plan their escape.

'Shaun Shoots The Sheep'

Shaun finds a camera which some ramblers have dropped, and sets about taking snapshots of the flock - but Bitzer is soon on the trail of the missing camera...

'Mountains Out Of Molehills'

The flock are enjoying a boogie when a freshly-dug molehill interrupts their fun. Shaun has to resort to ever more extreme attempts to get rid of the pesky mole.

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With the following episodes...

'Saturday Night Shaun'

Shaun finds the Farmer's old record player on the dump and organises a rave in the barn. But trouble looms when the Naughty Pigs gate-crash the party...

'Stick With Me'

The farmer breaks his glasses. The only way to fix them is with glue, and you know how sticky glue can get! Shaun and the flock try to help out, but was that such a good idea?

'Shaun The Farmer'

It's morning and nothing has been taken care of as usual. What's wrong? The farmer has a cold, Bitzer takes care of him and Shaun has to take over the farm.

'Sheep On The Loose'

Bitzer tries to get the flock across the road, but almost gets hit by a bus. The flock seize the opportunity, get on the bus, and go to a fair...

'Tidy Up'

The farmer cleans the house and lets Bitzer take care of the trash, but he makes a mess of it. The farmer leaves and Bitzer lets the flock clean his mess.

'Snore-Worn Shaun'

Shaun has trouble getting to sleep because Shirly has a nasty snore. He tries everything to shut Shirly up, but nothing seems to help...

'Camping Chaos'

The farm gets an uninvited, grumpy and very messy camper with his tent. Shaun and the flock try to teach him a lesson.

'If You Can't Stand The Heat'

It's mid summer, very warm, and an egg could bake in the sun. No one can stand the heat, and everybody tries to get in the shade. The farmer goes for a swim and offcourse the flock wants so too...

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With the following episodes...


The farmer finds an old magic box, doesn't know what to do, and throws it away. Then Shaun gets his hands on it and seems to have a real talent...

'The Bull'

When a bull wanders into the sheep's field, Shaun finds out it's a bad idea to make him 'see red'. But then the Naughty Pigs pour some red paint into the sheep dip...

'Who's the Mummy?'

Shaun comes across some newly-hatched chicks who think that he is their mum. He soon tires of the little pests and is determined to get rid of them, but how?


Shirly gets really greedy and eats whatever comes in her way. Then she gets hiccups which won't go away. Bitzer, Shaun and the flock try every trick in the book to help her.

'Heavy Metal Shaun'

Shaun gets his hands on the new metal detector which belongs to the farmer. Bitzer helps him do the digging. Before they know the whole pasture lies full with metal things. What to do?

'Troublesome Tractor'

The farmer dreams of a new tractor, because the old one is troublesome. He doesn't have the money to buy a new one, so Shaun wants to help him out...


Shaun is sleepwalking and Timmy spots him. He wakes the flock and they all follow Shaun to see what he will be doing...

'Save The Tree'

It's winter and very cold. The farmer has run out of firewood, and wants to cut down the big tree on the farm. Shaun and the flock try to save the tree.

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With the following episodes...

'Wash Day'

The farmer hangs his clean clothing outside on the rotary dryer. The flock use the rotary dryer as a carousel and all clothes get dirty. Shaun tries to get them clean again.

'Tooth Fairy'

Bitzer has a real bad toothache. Shaun and the flock try everything to help him out. Eventually the farmer comes up with the right solution.

'The Farmer's Niece'

The farmers niece comes over for a stay. Bitzer has to keep an eye on her while the farmer bakes a cake. She however is spoiled and hard to please.

'The Visitor'

The farm gets an unexpected visit from outer space. The spacecraft of the alien has broken down and Shaun helps the alien fix it.

'Helping Hound'

Bitzer has trouble keeping order in the flock. The farmer has ordered some help via mailorder. The help turns out to be even more trouble...

'Shaun Encounters'

Offspring from other aliens come to earth. They are very naughty and make all kinds of trouble for Shaun and Bitzer. Then their parents turn up.

'Big Top Timmy'

A circus sets up in a nearby field, and a spellbound Timmy wanders off to investigate. Can Shaun rescue him before the Farmer notices he's gone?

'Bitzer Puts His Foot In It'

The farmer is laying concrete pavement, but the concrete needs some time to dry. All kinds of feet try to walk over the wet concrete.

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The complete first series

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This DVD box contains all the mentioned DVD's and episodes from above...

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